Volker Rode aka. Odo

I started to take pictures with an SLR as a teenager. So it was an own SLR because it became already a hobby. I stayed with it with several pauses. In the year 2006 I changed to the first DSLR after some disappointments with a compact digital camera. The nice thing of this change: I was able to use the old lenses that I have used with the ‘chemical’ SLR. Meanwhile I have my third generation of DSLR body and the pool of lenses went bigger.

From start on I have frame this and that and everything. Most pictures per day are created on events or on travels. But on some topics I became a kind of specialist. So signs of wear and aging is always attracting my looks and the front end of my lens. For some times I was shooting on small concerts. But it is also fun to search for little critters with a macro lens.

And I’m often looking for new possiblities or techniques either during the shot or in the processing on the computer.

I have a page with daily exchanged pic. (Manual of daily pic)

The Daily Picture …

… from Volker Rode

(Deutsche Version)

I have created a static webpage which is just simply showing one of my pictures. But the picture is exchanged each day by random. But you can access the pics of the previous days by using the arrow keys of you keyboard. So arrow right or down and you will get the previous days. With keys up and left you will move to the opposite direction.

The preferred usage is for computers because of the image size. But you can also access it with a smartphone and switch the images with a swipe on the display.

All images are especially modified for this in format, size and with a copyright watermark. But 16 by 9 does not fit to all images. Witdh is very often set to fit my QHD monitor. All is done with some actions in phtoshop, so it takes all some few seconds per image.

Here you get the first image, so of today.