Volker Rode aka. Odo

I started to take pictures with an SLR as a teenager. So it was an own SLR because it became already a hobby. I stayed with it with several pauses. In the year 2006 I changed to the first DSLR after some disappointments with a compact digital camera. The nice thing of this change: I was able to use the old lenses that I have used with the ‘chemical’ SLR. Meanwhile I have my third generation of DSLR body and the pool of lenses went bigger.
From start on I have frame this and that and everything. Most pictures per day are created on events or on travels. But on some topics I became a kind of specialist. So signs of wear and aging is always attracting my looks and the front end of my lens. For some times I was shooting on small concerts. But it is also fun to search for little critters with a macro lens.
And I’m often looking for new possiblities or techniques either during the shot or in the processing on the computer.
I have a page with daily exchanged pic. (Manual of daily pic)